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Curious about sustainability? Ready to make a real impact while having fun? Sign up for live, 60+ minute facilitated, live in-person game plays with the Sustainability Lens Game!

Enjoy an engaging, interactive experience designed to help you see the world through a sustainability lens. Perfect for CEOs, managers, start-ups, and anyone passionate about making a difference.  This game play will challenge your thinking and inspire innovative solutions, team building, and empathy for a sustainable future.

🎯Why Play?

Learn by Doing: Explore sustainability concepts in a hands-on, practical way.

Collaborate & Innovate: Explore new ways to tackle real-world sustainability challenges.

Make a Difference: Discover actionable insights to apply in your community or organization.  

Facilitation led by DDI-certified global leadership trainer and entrepreneurship professor Dr. Tamara Stenn.  Contact for more information including custom designing with goal setting and measurable outcomes.  

Facilitation rate is $150 an hour plus travel based from Boston or Southern Vermont, USA.

Live Facilitated Game Play

  • Each game Includes a 12-page instruction guide, a deck of 45 Sustainability Lens playing cards, full size 16"x 16" Sustainability Lens board, 30 Lifeline Idea Coins and pouch, Sustainability Lens Solutions scorecards, SDG Spinner, 10-sided die, timer, pen, and sticker.

    • Play time: 45 - 90+ minutes
    • Ages: 12+
    • Number of players: 1-16
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