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Threefold Play: Ultimate Gaming Combo
Play this board game as you see fit.

  • Basic Game (60 minutes)  Introduce the Sustainability Mindset and ground people in new ways of thinking about enterprises.   Use as a social game, classroom lesson, workshop, or activity.

  • Speed Game (45 minutes)  A quick introduction to sustainability or as a warm-up exercise to a larger event.

  • Full Game Intensive (150 minutes)  Build a deep experience with sustainability discovering profound ways to effect meaningful change.


Game Highlights

Sustainable Development Goals


Using the Sustainability Lens naturally leads to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. 



Where things

come from.

Learn how to use extreme supply chain management to build a stronger enterprise, better relations, more meaningful products & services.


Human engagement

and community.

Learn how to engage in Participatory Democracy to build a collaborative community with shared opportunities, inclusion, and celebration.


Set the example.

Be the change.

Learn how to actively model and advocate for greater sustainability through policies, standards, dialogue, and seeking new ideas.


Accessibility and distribution.

Learn how to diversify methods of exchange beyond dollars to build more inclusivity, accessibility, abundance, and generosity.


The Sustainability

Lens Game

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